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Gagandeep Reehal


Closely working at an intuitive intersection of human brain and computing from the last 4 years, he had always been intrigued by neuronal computations inside the human brain that make us better decision makers than algorithms.

With the problem of autonomous driving where current AI paradigms fail due to inability to handle real-world complexity, he knew the big gap that they could solve when he co-founded Minus Zero. Though still an engineering undergrad, traditional education had never been a limiting factor.

He believes that most complicated problems can be solved elegantly by breaking it down to right sub-problems, and reasoning from first principles.

He has mentored/judged major developer events worldwide, and has spoken at multiple conferences and major institutions around AI & robotics. Beyond Minus Zero, you would often find him reading compelling fiction or maybe writing poetry. He has three book publications to his credit.

Gagandeep Reehal
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