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Welcome to {-1}, The Ultimate AI Challenge!

Minus Zero is bringing together the brightest minds in AI under one roof, competing for a challenge like never before.

Do you think you have what it takes? Keep an eye out for this.

The two-day challenge in Bangalore will push the boundaries of your acumen as you attempt to solve some of the most pressing problems in AI that have intrigued the brains of the best in AI research across the globe.

For 36 hours, the brightest of teams will face two mind-grilling problem statements, competing for coveted prizes and an opportunity to take that up in scale with Minus Zero. Research, coding, invention, or even re-invention may be required, but it might still not be enough.

Do you think you are ready?

Registrations are open!


Challenge 1     

Generating Synthetic Dataset of Indian Roads

  • Develop an algorithm which produces photorealistic and context-informed synthetic images of Indian driving scenarios. The algorithm will need to be controlled by visual or textual prompts or any novel control method.

Challenge 2

Generating Temporally Consistent Synthetic Videos

  • Develop an algorithm which can convert a given reference video into a novel video while maintaining the spatiotemporal consistency. The algorithm will need to be controlled by visual or textual prompts or any novel control method.

Day 1

28th October, 2023

09:00 AM :      Registration and Welcome

10:00 AM  :      Opening Remarks from Community team

10:40 AM  :      Guest Speakers 1

11:00 AM   :      Guest Speakers 2

11:20 AM   :      Opening Ceremony

11:40 AM   :      Icebreaker Activity

12:00 PM  :      Ideation and Team Formation

01:00 PM  :      Lunch

02:00 PM :      Hacking Begins

09:00 PM :      Dinner Break

10:00 PM  :      Hacking Through the Night

Day 2

29th October, 2023

01:00 AM   :      Milestone Check

03:00 AM  :      Hacking Continues

05:30 AM  :      Morning Energizer

06:00 AM  :      Hacking Continues (optional for them)

09:00 AM  :      Breakfast

09:30 AM  :      Hacking Continues

01:00 PM   :      Lunch

02:00 PM  :      Final Hack

04:00 PM  :      Project Submission

04:30 PM  :      Judging and Evaluation

06:00 PM  :      Presentations

07:00 PM  :      Awards & Closing Ceremony



Day 1


Gagandeep Reehal

Co-founder & Ceo, Minus Zero

Topic: The New Frontiers with Synthetic Data Generation


Anirudh Murali

Associate Customer Engineer, Google

Topic: Gen AI with Google


Anchit Nishant

Cloud Architect, Google

Topic: Gen AI with Google

Day 2


Gursimran Kalra

Co-founder & COO, Minus Zero

Topic: Commoditizing access to data - Generative AI & beyond


Vijay Patel

CTO, Chiratae Ventures

Topic: Generative AI-Reflecting on the past, Envisioning the Future


Aniket Raj

Community Lead, Devfolio

Topic: Making the best out of Hackathon

Contact Us:


Phone No.: +91-9546410520

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