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Join us to transform the future of AI & Mobility!

Minus Zero is developing foundational AI models to make driving more safer, efficient, accurate & personalized.

We are always looking for innovative & curious minds to be a part of our amazing team, solving one of the hardest AI problems.


At Minus Zero, our focus lies in the development of AI with a keen eye on its future impact on humanity. We are dedicated to ensuring that AI is not only safer, but also interpretable, controllable, trustworthy and inclusive.

We are Z's

It reflects the ethos why we love doing what we are doing.

Minus Zero was never about crazy ideas. It was always about the people - bold enough to think crazy and resilient enough to turn them into reality. We love building together and are not afraid to fail together. Yet we all know why to not give up on the right thing. And the best part, is the Monday mornings here are just so exciting enough to drive you out of bed before the sun.

What is zCulture?

Exponential Growth

Open Culture

Freedom to Explore

People that Inspire

Meet the team


Wanna join this crew?

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